What you should consider before renovating your bathroom

What you should consider before renovating your bathroom

When it comes to renovating your home, there are lots to think about, especially when taking on large and costly renovation projects such as changing your bathroom.

With many of us only renovating our bathrooms a handful of times in a lifetime, it’s important that you carefully consider every step of the process to ensure that your exact requirements are met. After all, your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, so it’s important that it is comfortable, functional and in keeping with the look and feel of the rest of your home!

And of course, it’s not all about functionality – your bathroom should also look good too. Let’s face it, for many of us, it’s often our first port of call after a long hard day in the office – a haven of tranquillity where we can kick back and relax!

However, like any home improvement project, it’s important that you take the time to explore all of your options when it comes to developing a bathroom suite that will meet your requirements and of course, the demands of everyday life.

Storage space

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a space for everything in your home, particularly in rooms such as your bathroom, which naturally accumulate mountains of products, lotions, potions, and other necessities.

However, this can inevitably leave your bathroom feeling untidy and cluttered. So, when you’re re-designing your space, you should also think about taking advantage of the available space by integrating effective storage solutions. Cabinets that can be hung to the wall are great for saving floor space, and there are lots of other innovative cabinets that you can incorporate into your fixtures and fittings!

Durable flooring is paramount

When you’re thinking about flooring in your bathroom it’s vital that, whatever you choose, it’s water resistant and able to deliver optimum durability. Marble, stone and ceramic flooring are all great choices for bathrooms as they are super durable and many are slip resistant. Well- sealed hard wood flooring will also enhance the look and feel of your bathroom, just make sure that it is water-resistant!

And, for added luxury, subfloor-heating coils will instantly make these surfaces warm, making stepping out of the shower or bath on those cold winter mornings far more bearable.

Your bath

Your bath is often one of the main focal points in your bathroom and in terms of practicalities, it also needs to be able to meet your individual requirements.

Just like people, bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes so, before you purchase your bath, get in it to see if you have enough room. It’s also a good idea to check whether or not the bath is able to offer optimum back and neck comfort…. Of course, your bathtub should also look good too! Think about the style of tub you want, as well as the colour, and whether you would benefit from luxurious extras such as jets and whirlpools.


Today, there are a whole host of options when it comes to integrating a shower area into your bathroom. This year, open concept shower areas are one of the most popular trends, mainly due to the fact that they are far less confining than the standard showers that have populated bathrooms for years.

They are also perfect for achieving a modern look and can be integrated into both small and large bathrooms. Just make sure that you invest in a reliable and well-designed drainage system and a ceiling mounted showerhead, as this will minimise splashes.

Mirror mirror on the wall

A mirror is not only a bathroom staple, it can also instantly inject light and space into a room. So, when you’re designing your bathroom, make sure that you bare this mind!

Finally, renovating your bathroom should be a fun and enjoyable process, and you certainly shouldn’t be pulling your hair out at the end of it, providing you have a clear understanding of what you want.

Being organised is paramount, so before embarking on any home improvement project, do your research, have a clear finish of the style of the type of décor you want, and call in the professionals to ensure that your renovation project is done to a high standard. Kenneth Installations in Glasgow are experts when it comes to bathroom installations and are always on hand to help you to design, develop your kitchen space.