Spa-Inspired Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

Spa-Inspired Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

For many of us, the bathroom is a retreat that we escape to at the end of the day. A place we relax, unwind, and indulge in some much needed ‘me’ time.

And in recent months, spa-inspired bathrooms have continued to increase in popularity as many homeowners strive to replicate that ultimate spa-like environment in their own home.

After all, a trip to the spa can instantly leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, so why not experience this every day of the week?

And the good news is, you don’t need to spend a small fortune when it comes to creating a luxurious spa-inspired bathroom! There are countless ways that you can make simple yet high impact changes that will allow you to enjoy the perfect relaxing retreat without having to step outside the door.

We created a guide outlining some of our favourite spa-inspired bathroom ideas that you are sure to love!

It’s all about the tub!

At the heart of any spa like bathroom is a bathtub that you can truly kick back and relax in!

From luxurious freestanding bathtubs through to state of the art whirlpool bathtubs, there are countless designs available that will allow you to enjoy a spa like vibe in your own home.


There’s nothing quite like a refreshing shower to rejuvenate your body and mind after a hard day in the office or tough workout in the gym, right?

And when it comes to creating your perfect spa-like bathroom, your choice of shower should be a top priority. There are plenty of powerful, high performance showers available however, for an invigorating showering experience, make sure you opt for a designer thermostatic shower panel. These boast a number of spa-orientated features including body jets and a rainfall showerhead.

Mood lighting

To create the ultimate tranquil retreat, the design of your new spa-like bathroom should also feature plenty of atmospheric lighting as this can have a huge impact on the mood of your space.

And although lighting candles is a quick and easy way to create the perfect relaxing environment, a dimmer switch will also allow you to create a calm serenity that works for you, instantly softening the mood of your bathroom.

Flurry towels and bath robes

When you have stepped out the shower or bathtub, there’s nothing better feeling than wrapping a warm, cosy towel or bath towel around you – a sensation that has become synonymous with the spa experience.

So when it comes to accessorising your bathroom, make sure you add lots of flurry towels and bath robes to your space, opting for calming colours such as brown, white or cream.

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