Ways to Revamp your Home in 2017!

Ways to Revamp your Home in 2017!

Many of us begin a New Year with the aim of living a happier and healthier lifestyle and 2017 is a year that is about fresh perspectives, new ideas and ambitions.

But did you know that giving your home a refreshing revamp can have a huge impact on your general day-to-day mood! After all, if your home is messy, uninviting and cluttered, this will instantly have an impact on your mind-set!

So why not make 2017 the year that you give your home the TLC it rightly deserves? And it needn’t cost the earth… there are a whole host of ways that you can refresh and update the spaces that you spend the most time without it costing you a small fortune.

We’ve created a helpful guide outlining 5 ways that you can revamp your home in 2017!

De-clutter and organise

When it comes to finding a home for all of your festive treats and ever-expanding wardrobe, it can be a difficult task, especially if your home is already lacking on storage space.

But a neat and tidy home will instantly brighten and refresh the look and feel of the spaces you spend the most time in. De-cluttering your home will also make your favourite spaces feel more spacious. And there are a whole host of storage solutions such as fitted wardrobes that are perfect for re-organising your home.

Fitted wardrobes in particular will allow you to optimise space in cluttered rooms, providing an organised environment for you to store all of your favourite items. Better still, they can be designed to accommodate your individual storage needs. From extra clothing rails, drawers and shoe racks through to upper shelving, concealed shelving and concealed drawers, investing in fitted wardrobes is a sure fire way to revamp unorganised spaces.

Light up your rooms

A dark, dull space can instantly make your home look and feel uninviting. So when it comes to revamping your home in 2017, bring in the light!

Moving furniture away from natural sources of light and opening up your curtains will stop your furnishings from restricting sunlight from filtering into your home.

Natural light is a great way of making your favourite spaces feel more spacious! Of course, if it is not possible to welcome natural light into your home, fill your home with lighting solutions that will complement and enhance the existing décor in your home.

A fresh lick of paint!

A fresh lick is a great way of breathing new life into your home without it costing the earth. This season, there are a whole host of vibrant colour ways that will instantly uplift tired looking rooms.

From sunshine yellows and lime greens through to dusky blues and pastel pinks, there are a whole host of colours that will allow you to open up spaces that are dark, enclosed and unloved.

Here at Kenneth Installations in Glasgow, we can help you to revamp your home whether you’re looking to update your kitchen or bathroom, or you are looking for some fitted wardrobes to get your house in order, we can help! If you have any questions about any of our services, our friendly team is always on hand to answer any questions that you might have.