The kitchen gadgets you should have in your kitchen this year

The kitchen gadgets you should have in your kitchen this year

There’s no denying that technology has continued to drive interior design trends, paving the way for a wealth of opportunities when it comes to embracing the latest innovations inside your home.

And with more and more of us cooking, socialising and relaxing inside the kitchen, there are now more high performance kitchen gadgets than ever before thanks to advances in technology.

We’ve created a guide outlining the latest kitchen gadgets to make their way inside our homes.

Smarter FridgeCam

Smarter FridgeCam has been designed to let you view the contents of your fridge, even when you are not at home.

Designed to prevent over buying and food wastage, now you will be able to check what you already have in when you’re out and about! Simply check the smarter app and you will be able to see what you need to buy.

Samsung Family Hub 2.0

Recognised as one of the most innovative and forward thinking refrigerators available on the market, the Samsung Family Hub 2.0 offers exceptional functionality, seamless family connection and organisation.

Boasting a number of next generation features including intuitive app integration that allows you to stay on top of food management, this high performance refrigerator has been expertly designed to maximise family communication. Trust us, you won’t believe what it can do!

MasterCard Groceries

Designed for use with Samsung’s The Family Hub™ refrigerator, this innovative app by MasterCard allows shoppers to restock their fridge from their kitchens – offering a quick, easy and convenient way of doing your food shop.

Shanghai Haoyang Network Technology Co. iGulu

With the summer months just around the corner, many of us will already be looking forward to enjoy an ice-cold tipple in the sunshine, right?

And this year, no kitchen should be complete without this revolutionary automated beer-brewing machine. Allowing you to enjoy the fun of making your own beer at home, this innovative machine boasts an easy to navigate high tech control system with precise sensors.

Slow juicer

With more and more of us pledging to adopt a healthier way of life, juicers have become one kitchen gadget that many of us cannot live without!

Whether you’re on a health kick or you struggle to eat your five a day, this nifty gadget is sure to become a welcomed addition to your kitchen worktop.

Every year, thousands of well-known manufacturers and developers explore the endless opportunities that come hand in hand with significant advances in technology. This has inevitably, paved the way for a whole host of smart kitchen gadgets that are changing the way we cook, relax and socialise – we’ve only just touched the surface!

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