The Hottest Kitchen Trends for Spring/Summer 2017

The Hottest Kitchen Trends for Spring/Summer 2017

With the change in season, there are a whole host of new and exciting interior trends to embrace and explore.
So, if you’re planning on updating your kitchen and you’re looking for some inspiration, here are the hottest trends to look out for this Spring/Summer season…

Matt Finishes

Leaving the trend for glossy kitchens firmly in the past, Spring/Summer 2017 is all about matt finishes – particularly when it comes to benchtops.

Soft to touch, and less reflective, this trend lends itself particularly well to all-black kitchens as using matt and textured tones ensures that the bold, dark colour palette isn’t too overwhelming.

Faux Marble

Whilst marble is still an incredibly popular material for kitchens, it can be somewhat unpractical, requiring regular maintenance and care to keep it looking great and performing to the highest possible standard.

Faux marble, an engineered stone, provides the look of marble worktops without any of the inconvenient downsides – it’s quick and easy to clean, and designed to be resistant to heat, staining, and scratching.


Grey is one of the hottest colours for interiors right now and kitchens are no exception! The new staple colour for contemporary kitchens, shades of grey can be incorporated into your space in a wide range of ways, such as concrete floors or as a feature paint colour.

Although grey is slightly more daring than the traditional white, it’s a neutral shade that can easily be layered with other tones and styles. Try using grey for the fixed elements of your kitchen, such as benchtops and splashbacks, whilst integrating other colours and styles that complement them.

This trend is all about simplicity, so keep your palette simple and layer tangible colour to create your look.

Inject your personality

After years of minimal designs dominating the kitchen market, this Spring/Summer is set to see the return of injecting personality into your kitchen.

The best way to introduce this trend is through more easily replaceable elements of your kitchen such as tableware and appliances. Why not try installing open-shelving to display ceramics, or integrating colourful appliances to add texture and interest to your space?

Another way to add a unique touch to your space is through metallic and timber accents. These tones can be injected into cabinetry, panelling, doors, and tapware.

Custom Designs

As well as adding elements of personality, custom designed kitchens are also poised to be huge this season.
Allowing you to create a truly unique space, custom designed kitchens fit around your needs and work seamlessly with your lifestyle.

When designing your kitchen, think in terms of zones – so, for example, cleaning, food prep, and storage zones.

Keep in mind your lifestyle, particularly the type of cooking and food you prefer as this should have a huge impact
on the final design of your kitchen.

Here at Kenneth Installations, we are experts when it comes to helping you to create your prefect kitchen. With years of experience behind them, our skilled and experienced team are fully equipped to design and install kitchens that meet your needs and expectations.