The hottest bedroom design trends 2015

The hottest bedroom design trends 2015

With any new season comes a catalogue of new and exciting trends for us all to explore and discover, and this season, it’s no different.

As we wave goodbye to the warm sunny days that populated the summer months, our thoughts naturally turn to preparing our wardrobes and homes for the long, winter ahead… yes, all good things must come to an end…

But to distract you from the depressing thought of cold, dark winter days, we’ve complied a list of some of the new season’s hottest bedroom design trends, which will allow you to create a haven of tranquillity, calm and relaxation – perfect for escaping from those cold winter days when all we want to do is stay snug and warm under a big, fluffy duvet!

After all, your bedroom is the one space in your home that should reflect your own personal tastes and style choices, so there should be no compromises when it comes to designing a space that meets your exact needs and expectations.

Discover your rustic side…

This season, it’s all about blending rustic charm with contemporary style, allowing you create a space that reflects two completely different style eras.

Think beds with iron frames, exposed wood surfaces, striking antique style chandeliers, and distressed wood flooring to truly embrace this look! And, when it comes to integrating effective storage solutions that reflect one of this season’s key trends, there’s lots of options available including fitted wardrobes, free standing rustic chic drawers, and exposed shelving.

Bring the outside in

This is a trend that is perfect for capturing the magic of the outdoors and bringing it inside.

Focusing on filling your bedroom with seasonal flowers and plants, this trend is perfect for injecting colour, texture, and intriguing focal points into your bedroom, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere. You can even opt for living wall installations that encompass living plants into their picture frame designs – certainly one way to turn heads!

Luxury living

Think lavish textures, colours, and indulgent accessories. This season it’s all about incorporating bold, rich hues into your bedroom, creating a space that is worthy of its elaborate status.

From textured wallpaper in rich greys, purples, and sumptuous yellows, to luxurious bedding, cushions and pillows that encapsulate this statement style, this season it’s all about transforming your bedroom into a haven of rich hues and indulgent fabrics.

And, when it comes to integrating practical storage solutions into your bedroom design, Kenneth Installations in Glasgow is perfectly equipped to help you incorporate stylish storage solutions that are more than capable of complementing and enhancing this exciting trend.

Discover mid-century modern flair

Design that takes its inspiration for mid-century décor has continued to crop up on global design stages for the past few years, and this season its back.

Bringing together clean simple lines and splashes of bold, vibrant colour, this is a trend that is perfect for injecting interesting yet unimposing focal points into your bedroom.

From minimalistic yet stylish furniture to cool, abstract paintings positioned on crisp white walls, this trend lends itself perfectly to rooms of all shapes and sizes.