The benefits of a kitchen island

The benefits of a kitchen island

If you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen, it’s highly likely that it’s the space in your home where you naturally spend most of your time chatting, cooking and indulging with friends and family.

As a constant hive of activity, it’s important that your kitchen is versatile, adaptable, and functional. A kitchen island is a great solution for optimising the functionality of your space – it provides a great storage, food prep and socialising area. Of course, they also look fantastic too!

But how could a kitchen island contribute to the functionality of your home? Well, we’ve compiled a list of just some of the many reasons…

Perfect for adding additional storage to your kitchen

If you’re running a busy household, it’s easy to see how your kitchen can quickly accumulate mountains of clutter, particularly if you’re finding it difficult to allocate space for all of your pots, pans, and kitchen appliances.

But if your kitchen is lacking storage space, a kitchen island could prove to be the perfect solution as the majority of islands come complete with spacious storage that has been integrated into its design.

From pull out shelves, additional drawer space, and large spacious cabinets, kitchen islands lend themselves perfectly to a whole host of storage solutions, without imposing on the main preparation area.

Equipped to accommodate other kitchen amenities

No matter how big your kitchen area is, sometimes there never seems to be enough preparation and cooking space, especially if you’re hosting a dinner party or feeding a large family.

The good news is, a kitchen island is great for incorporating additional food preparation areas, open cooking hobs and even refrigerating drawers, allowing you to optimise the functionality of your kitchen.

The ideal entertainment space

When it comes to hosting dinner parties, or entertaining family and friends, a kitchen island will instantly enhance your entertainment space.

With the option of integrating a range hood over a stove or grill, integrating a kitchen island provides the perfect opportunity to socialise and cook at the same time. Let’s face it, it’s no fun when you are the chef when the rest of your guests are having lots of fun!

This way, your island will become the main hub of cooking, socialising and entertaining.

Bums on seats

Another advantage of a kitchen island is that it can also double up as an informal seating area.

Whether you create a welcoming breakfast bar, or seats that are great for entertaining, extra seats in a kitchen are always an advantage, right?

Kids can get in on the fun!

If you have little ones who love to cook, a kitchen island will allow you let them get involved with prepping and cooking at meal times, whilst keeping a close eye on them.

Of course, by adding additional seating, a kitchen island is also a great space for your little ones to do their homework under your supervision, whilst you prepare dinner!