Simple ways to change your bedroom

Simple ways to change your bedroom

Home renovation projects can be costly, especially if your plans involve completely transforming a space. However, it is possible to transform the entire look and feel of a room by making small yet high impact changes.

A bedroom that feels un-inspiring, cluttered, and unloved, can often make it  difficult to relax and unwind, especially when doing the things that you love. After all, your bedroom is one of the rooms you use the most in your home, whether it’s for sleeping, reading or snuggling up with your little ones, it should be a space that acts as a natural retreat and, most importantly, is an environment that you actually want to spend time in.

The good news is, it’s pretty affordable to update and re-vamp your bedroom without it costing the earth. We’ve complied a list of small changes that can have a huge impact on the entire look and feel of your bedroom.

Does your furniture fit?

Furniture that does not fit the size of your room can have a significant impact on its overall look and feel.

Not only can oversized furniture impose on your floor space, it can also overpower your room, making it feel cluttered and small. By choosing appropriately sized furniture that complements and enhances your space, it can instantly transform your room.

Fitted wardrobes and integrated storage solutions can be a great way of injecting striking focal points that are as stylish as they are functional. Whether you are drawn to contemporary or traditional design, remember to always make sure that your furniture is matching.

Brighten your room

Lighting can have a significant impact on the look and feel of a living space, so it’s really important that you carefully consider how your lighting solutions will work for your space.

Bright lights can be a great addition to any space, however, when it comes to your bedroom, installing a dimmer light can be far more practical, especially for when you’re winding down and relaxing at the end of the day.  Reading lamps are also perfect for integrating decorative yet functional dimensions into your room.

Organise your belongings

Sometimes, all you need to do to transform the look and feel of a room is to invest in practical storage solutions that will allow you to unclutter your room.

Organising your wardrobe and integrating sensible storage solutions will instantly allow you to create a feeling of openness in your bedroom. There are lots of ways to add a new dimension to your bedroom by using clever, stylish and striking storage solutions.


New bed sheets, throws, cushions, rugs, and other decorative items are great, quick fixes when it comes to transforming your bedroom on a budget.

There are a whole host of decorative accessories available that will help you to create a brand new living space.  Accessories are also the perfect way to display personal items such as paintings, photo frames, ornaments and books.