Preparing to be a new mum? How to get your home ready!

Preparing to be a new mum? How to get your home ready!

With a little one on the way, it can be difficult to know how to get all your ducks in a row before the big arrival. As a new mum, your home is going to be your sanctuary for a while, so it’s important to get it baby-ready beforehand to prevent any unnecessary stress.

Baby proofing

This is probably the most important and obvious way to prepare for baby’s arrival. Although the most drastic baby proofing comes when the little one can crawl and move about, it will still put your mind at ease to check the house is safe before you bring your new born home. This could be making sure that you’ve got a safe cot and baby bath, checking all fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order, or making sure there’s no loose paint or fittings in the home that could harm your baby. It will help ease your mind and make the first few weeks a lot easier.

Optimising storage and getting organised

Sorry to break it to you, but having a new born is probably going to mean your house isn’t as tidy as you want it to be for a while. Getting your home tidy and organised before the arrival can help prevent stress in the first few weeks.

To prepare for the long term, optimising the space you’ve got with fitted wardrobes can really help. They can utilise your space, provide much needed extra storage for baby’s things, mean less cleaning so less stress, and offer the perfect place to hide all the clutter- which for a new mum, can be a god-sent. A less cluttered room means a less cluttered mind- and every little helps with a new born.

Decorating baby’s room

Baby will be in your room for a while at the beginning anyway, but preparing his/her room for the future can take a weight off your shoulders, as it’s one less thing to think about. This could mean finishing of the painting, or just having the essentials you need (changing table etc.)- If the job is done, this is more time to relax and recuperate with baby.

Invest in a baby monitor

Having a baby monitor ready for when you both get back from the hospital can be a great help. The first few weeks can be difficult as you can’t be everywhere at once. A baby monitor will mean you can still function while checking on baby, and will help ease the worry of having a new born.

Prepare meals

Having a new born is time consuming. It will really help the first few weeks go smoothly if you have some prepared meals at the ready, maybe frozen or even with restaurant gift cards. Having easy to make or access meals will make the process so much easie