Make your bedroom the ultimate relaxing retreat

Make your bedroom the ultimate relaxing retreat

With the many demands of life often pulling us in all different directions, it’s more important than ever before that we find the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some much needed calm and tranquillity.

And what better way to ensure that you can take advantage of a much-needed break from the stresses and strains of fast=paced contemporary living than by kitting your bedroom out as the ultimate relaxing retreat?
So here’s our guide to ensuring your bedroom is the perfect, calming environment…


Before you do anything else, it’s important that you tidy and organise your room! After all, how can you possibly relax and unwind in a space that’s cluttered and messy?

If you find that your clutter is caused by a lack of storage space, why not think about integrating some built-in wardrobes into your room? These will keep everything tidy whilst creating a sleek, uniform look that will be the perfect backdrop to your relaxing retreat.

Think about your colour scheme

If you want to create a relaxing environment, getting the right colour scheme is crucial. Loud, garish colours and busy patterns are unlikely to have the desired effect! Instead, opt for blues, greens, and lavenders from the cool side of the colour wheel to keep the space restful and calming.

Optimise Comfort

Nothing says relaxation like comfortable fixtures and fittings. So kit your bedroom out with plenty of cushions, throws, and blankets. Oh, and you should also invest in a headboard – not only will it add a stylish twist to your space, but it will also give you the perfect place to rest your head whilst you read or unwind.


In your quest to create a relaxing space, getting the right lighting is absolutely key. Think lots of lamps, dimmed lighting, and fairy lights. And, of course, no peaceful sanctuary would be complete without plenty of candles (just make sure they’re positioned in safe areas!).

Enhance your bed

When you’re looking for five minutes’ peace, there’s nothing better than falling back onto an ultra-comfortable bed! Invest in super soft pillows, a mattress topper and, of course, some fresh, clean bedding.
Whilst it might seem like a hassle, and the last thing you need when you’re rushing out of the door in the morning, make sure you make your bed each and every morning – trust us, it’ll really make a difference!

Wave goodbye to technology

TVs and smartphones will put a serious spanner in the works when it comes to creating a relaxing bedroom space. Electronics such as smartphones, TVs and tablets will add unnecessary stress, lights, and sounds, preventing you from fulling relaxing. Try imposing a technology ban in your bedroom in order to create a sense of uninterrupted calm!

Prepare to Pamper!

If you want your bedroom to offer the ultimate relaxing sanctuary, it’s important that you’ve got a space to pamper yourself. Whether you introduce a classic vanity table complete with mirror, or simply dedicate a drawer in your bedside table to your favourite lotions, potions, and products, you’ll have all of your relaxation essentials to hand when you need them.