Kitchen Trends 2015

Kitchen Trends 2015

When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, it needs to be functional, versatile, and durable, but equally as stylish. After all, this is a space where many families spend a great deal of time, so it’s important that it looks its best.

Of course, unlike other rooms in the house, it’s unlikely that you will complete a kitchen renovation project more than once or twice in any given property so you need to ensure that your chosen design is timeless – that’s not to say you can’t incorporate some of this year’s hottest kitchen trends, however.

So, whether you’re about to embark on your long-awaited kitchen transformation, or you are simply collecting ideas for when the time is right, let’s take a look at some of this year’s top kitchen trends.

Colour Accents

Gone are the days of all white or strictly neutral kitchens. For 2015, it’s all about adding splashes of rich, statement colours.

Channel the bold, vivid colours that you might find at a spice market or a bazaar – mustards, scarlets, royal blue, and dusty pink – adding just the right amount to set off your kitchen. Try introducing the trend using tiles or cabinet doors, or maybe even a statement wall – it’s all about making the trend work for you.

Open Plan

Open plan kitchens are nothing new, but they are becoming increasingly popular, which is perhaps not surprising given that it tends to be the most social room of the house.

Embrace this trend by reducing the amount of cabinets in the room – this will make the space feel much more open and will free up space for larger windows and plenty more workspace.

Open Shelving

In a nod to the airy, open plan trend, open shelving is also becoming increasingly popular. Allowing you to add a lived in feel to your kitchen without it feeling cluttered, this practical look can be achieved by removing cabinet doors and adding more open shelves. As well as providing enhanced functionality and easy access to your most-used kitchen items, this will also provide ample space for the display of your favourite crockery and other accessories.

Luxe Metallics

Traditionally, metallics such as silver, chrome, and stainless steel are kitchen staples. This year, however, warmer metals such as gold, copper, and bronze are becoming increasingly common, adding elements of intriguing texture and luxurious tones to kitchen spaces.

 Shaker Style Cabinets

With their modern yet timeless vibe, Shaker style cabinets have always been the go-to choice but are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and their traditional yet contemporary feel.

To introduce this trend into your kitchen, focus on panelled cupboard doors, clean simple lines, and optimum functionality.

Furniture-style Design Features

Signifying the kitchen’s evolution from functional space to social hub of the home, furniture style cabinetry and other furniture-inspired features are proving to be one of 2015’s top trends.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate this trend into your kitchen is by creating an island, which is raised on legs or features intricate panelling.