Investing in fitted wardrobes

Investing in fitted wardrobes

When it comes to optimising storage space in your bedroom, fitted wardrobes are a practical, stylish and extremely versatile solution.

Available in a variety of styles and finishes, they are perfect for adding a whole new dimension to your bedroom space, whilst opening your eyes to innovative storage solutions that have been especially designed to work around your needs.

Whether you lack the necessary storage space for your shoes, clothes, accessories or even spare bedding, fitted wardrobes are perfectly equipped to meet the storage demands of your everyday life.

We’ve taken a look at a whole host of benefits that come hand in hand with fitted wardrobes.

Storage space

It goes without saying that fitted wardrobes are perfect for optimising all available space in your living space, providing the ideal opportunity to integrate shoe racks, drawers, bespoke rails and pull out drawers.

With a whole host of design options available, you’ll be able to store away your personal belongings in a way that works for you. But that’s not all, built from floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall, they are also great for adapting to the shape and size of your room.

Bespoke designs

Unlike traditional wardrobes, fitted wardrobes can be built around your needs, and, with a whole host of additional features, finishes and styles available, they demonstrate how function and style can work together seamlessly.

Perfect for awkward spaces

Bedroom spaces come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and this can often make it difficult to find suitable furniture. From difficult alcoves and nooks, to low ceiling beams, space can easily become unused and wasted.

The benefit of fitted wardrobes is that they have been designed to accommodate a range of unusual and awkward corners and slopes, meaning that much needed space is not wasted.

Hiding unwanted features

It’s sometimes the case that our bedrooms come complete with unsightly features that we try desperately to conceal and hide. From air vents to sloping ceilings and dated/unused fireplaces, it can often be difficult to remove or conceal these features without significant work.

Available in both modern and contemporary designs, fitted wardrobes are perfecting for hiding those unwanted features that can impact upon the overall look and feel of your home.

Walk in storage

If you’re fortunate enough to have a space that is able to accommodate a walk in wardrobe, sliding wardrobes can be the perfect gateway to achieving the ideal storage solution.

If you have a L shaped room with a smaller room attached that can be built into, a walk in storage solution will open your eyes to clever, mass storage that will instantly inject value, appeal and functionality into your home.

Above all, fitted wardrobes allow you to optimise floor space and help to make your room feel uncluttered, spacious and clean. So, if you and your family struggle with storage, fitted wardrobes could be the perfect solution.