How to make your home appeal to renters

How to make your home appeal to renters

With more and more people struggling to get on the property market, the rental market is booming. So now’s the perfect time to rent your property out to paying tenants.

However, if you stand any chance of receiving a constant flow of rent, it’s important that your home is fully equipped to meet the needs and expectations of your potential tenants. By making a few tweaks to your property, you can increase its appeal amongst renters and ensure that it’s snapped up for the best possible rental price!

So here’s our tips to making your home rental ready…

Kerb Appeal

Although your tenants will be most interested in what’s inside your property, first impressions really do count.

And many landlords totally overlook the importance of kerb appeal. So remove any rubbish from the front yard, do a little weeding, plant some pretty flowers, and ensure everything looks tidy and well kept – trust us, it’ll make all the difference!

Clean and Tidy

This should go without saying but it’s so important! If you want to stand any chance of convincing your prospective tenants to rent your property, it’s important that everything is clean, tidy, and smelling fresh when they view. So ward off any lingering smells, clean very surface, and make sure everything looks spick and span.

If you’ve had previous tenants in the property, it’s always worth hiring professional cleaners to ensure that it’s fully cleaned to the highest standard.

Remove any Personal Belongings

Also known as staging your home, this means removing all personal items etc so that your potential tenants can imagine themselves living there rather than feeling as though they’ll be guests in your home. So remove all personal items and clutter, remove anything like toys, photos, and products, and get rid of any extra or bulky furniture that’s over-crowding the space. This will give your home a blank slate feel and ensure it appeals to the largest audience.

Bathroom & Kitchen

A decent bathroom and kitchen can really help to sell a property. In fact, it’s fair to say that they’re probably the most important rooms in a rental home. So it’s well worth investing in your bathroom and kitchen to ensure that they not only look great, but also that they are functional, practical, and fully equipped with everything your tenants will need whilst they’re renting from you.

Here at Kenneth Installations, we can help you ensure that your bathroom and kitchen are up to the standard your tenants expect. Get in touch to discuss your project further!

Neutral Décor

Although your tenants might only live in your property for a relatively short period of time, it’s important that they can imagine themselves living there. With this in mind, bold, garish décor isn’t recommended. Although you might want to project your personality on the property, you’re not the one that will be living there and, if prospective tenants don’t share your love for lime green walls, they’ll probably look for somewhere else to live.


Security is a top priority for many renters, especially if they’re new to the neighbourhood. So ensure that your property looks safe and secure. As well as making sure all doors and windows are sturdy, safe, and in good condition, that also means installing a burglar alarm or security system.