How to make your bathroom the perfect place to unwind and relax

How to make your bathroom the perfect place to unwind and relax

Whether you have had a hard day at work or a long day pounding the pavements, there really is nothing like coming home to a relaxing, hot bubble bath!

Arguably one of life’s greatest pleasures, sinking into the tub and escaping the demands that often come hand in hand with everyday life is the ultimate way to relax, unwind and forget about the world inside your home.

For this reason, the bathroom is an important room in the home, especially when it comes to creating a comfortable, stylish and practical space that offers the ultimate retreat to indulge in some much needed ‘me’ time.

From injecting elements of warmth, light and colour into your bathroom through to choosing the perfect bathroom suite, cabinets and flooring, there’s an awful lot to consider when it comes to creating a bathroom that meets your individual requirements.

We’ve created a helpful guide outlining how you can make your bathroom space the perfect retreat – we hope it inspires you!

Choosing the perfect bathroom suite

When it comes to creating the perfect bathroom suite, it’s important that every aspect of it meets your family’s individual requirements in terms of comfort, style and luxury.

There is a wide range of bathroom suites available that incorporate a variety of contemporary and traditional designs, meaning you will be able to choose a style that will complement and enhance the rest of your home.

But that’s not all… as technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, there are now more opportunities than ever before to incorporate an extensive variety of innovative gadgets, devices and spa-like bathing solutions too!

Heated flooring

When you have just enjoyed a hot shower or bath, there’s nothing worse than stepping out onto a cold floor, especially on a chilly winter morning.

But this could be a thing of the past if you choose to incorporate heated floor technology into your bathroom. Ideal for adding elements of warmth and luxury, heated flooring will ensure that your bathroom is always warm, toasty and inviting, all year round.

The right lighting

Despite popular belief, lighting options don’t need to be limited in your bathroom. Helping to create the ultimate ambience, there are lots of lighting options that you can choose from including spot lights, lights around a bathroom mirror, or for ultimate luxury you could install lights on a dimmer switch.

Heated towel rail

A great alternative to a generic radiator is a heated towel rail. Providing an efficient and luxurious way to store and dry your towels, a heated towel rail will also allow you to step out of the bath and straight into a warm towel!

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