How to make your bathroom feel bigger

How to make your bathroom feel bigger

Not everyone has the luxury of having large, spacious rooms in their home. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t make some of your favourite spaces look and feel bigger.

If you have a smaller bathroom, which can often feel claustrophobic, there are lots of ways that you can create the illusion of space by making some simple changes to your design. In fact, by making clever choices when it comes to the décor and design of your bathroom, you can make it look and feel twice the size.

After all, your bathroom should be a retreat that you love to spend time in, it certainly shouldn’t feel cluttered or obtrusive. We’ve created a list of lots of space saving ideas, which will allow you to create a space that looks and feels bigger.

Glass Shower

Although a glass shower is not always practical in some households, a clear glass shower will instantly give the impression of more space. This is because it allows the eye to travel the length of a room.

Of course, it also helps that the majority of glass showers are sleek, stylish and ultra modern, allowing you to add both style and function to your bathroom.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

It’s a well-known fact that incorporating a mirror into the design of a room will create the illusion of more space.

And, as a general rule, if you have a small bathroom, you should always opt for large mirrors, as this will make your bathroom feel lighter, brighter, and bigger.

Whether you position your mirror above your sink or on an opposing wall, you will quickly notice a big difference in terms of space and light.

White Wash

Your bathroom should be a tranquil retreat that you enjoy spending time in. After all, there really is no better feeling than sinking into a deep bubble bath after a long day in the office, right?

But, when it comes to creating a light and open space, your choice of décor will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your room, particularly if space is an issue.

With this in mind, you should always avoid darker colours and instead opt for fresh, lighter tones, which are equipped to reflect the light in your room.


Did you know that your choice of tiles could also have a huge impact on the look and feel of your bathroom?

For example, larger, simpler tiles are far more effective than smaller, more intricate tiles when it comes to improving the feeling of space in your bathroom. You should also avoid too much contract when it comes to design and colour!

De-clutter your bathroom

This goes without saying… if you want to make your bathroom look and feel bigger, you really need to de-clutter.

And although it’s often difficult to find a concealed space for all of your lotions, potions and other bathroom accessories, there are a number of effective space-saving storage solutions that will allow you to organise your bathroom effectively.

There are a number of multi-functional storage solutions to choose from including wall mountable towel rails, cabinets and shelving that are equipped to conceal your everyday bathroom necessities.

When it comes to the design and installation of your bathroom, here at Kenneth Installations in Glasgow, we are experts in our field, and go above and beyond to provide bespoke bathrooms that are stylish, durable and accommodating.