How to integrate storage into your lounge

How to integrate storage into your lounge

Whatever your personal sense of style, when it comes to our lounge or living room, most of us want to create a clutter-free, minimal space where you can relax, unwind, and entertain friends and family, right?

But the fact is, your lounge is an active space where you live, rest, and play, so it’s impossible to keep it free of some level of clutter. The good news is, that there are plenty of ways to integrate storage solutions seamlessly into your living room – allowing you to maintain a clean, clutter free aesthetic without compromising on the functionality of your family’s living space.

Underseat Storage

When it comes to choosing your sofa and lounge furniture, this is a great opportunity to inject some hidden storage into your living room! There are plenty of stunning sofas out there that lift up to reveal secret storage underneath the seat – perfect for storing blankets, toys, throws, bedding, anything that you might need some extra space for!

Coffee Table Storage

Most of us have a coffee table of some description in our lounge and, as well as allowing us to place items on top of it, this also provides another great potential space for hidden storage.

Look out for coffee tables with lift up lids and hidden compartments, they’re great for storing books, magazines, and toys!

Built-in Storage

Many of us have built-in storage in our bedrooms, but have you ever thought about using the built-in storage concept in your lounge? If your living space has alcoves or a bay window, built-in storage with a sleek exterior can be a great way to inject extra storage space and keep your belongings carefully hidden away.

Clever Accessories

There are loads of great accessories out there that will help you to make space for all manner of items that might otherwise interrupt the flow of your living room.

For example, if you want to keep things such as TV remotes and other electronics controls out of sight, then why not invest in a cool and quirky hollowed out book? These are perfect for hiding away small items without impacting upon the vibe of your room.

Statement Storage

Rather than trying to hide your living room storage solutions away, why not make them features of your room?

There are plenty of cool trunks and luggage out there that will add an on-trend, vintage twist to your home whilst, at the same time, allowing you to hide away toys, blankets, and other items.

Footstools and small side tables can also be used to hide your clutter, whilst appearing to be nothing more than stylish additions to your room. No one will suspect a thing…