How to ensure your spare room is guest-ready

How to ensure your spare room is guest-ready

Your spare room is the perfect place to accommodate visitors and overnight guests. But, before you welcome someone into your home, it’s important that your spare room is up to the job – after all, you wouldn’t want your guests to have anything less than a perfect night’s sleep, right?

Here are our top tips for ensuring that your spare room is guest-ready…

Neutral Décor

Whilst you want every room in your home to reflect your personality and sense of style, it’s always advisable to keep your space room relatively neutral and modern. Think palettes of blues, taupes, and greens to make make the room cool, calming, and optimised for a good night’s sleep.

Comfy bed

If you want to ensure that all of your guests have a great night’s sleep, it’s all about the bed! Opt for a bed as spacious as your room will comfortably allow (don’t try and squeeze a king size into a tiny room!) and, whatever size of bed you go for, make sure your mattress is comfortable!

You should also ensure that, when you’re expecting guests, the bed is kitted out with clean fresh sheets and plenty of blankets.

Finishing touches

When you’re preparing your spare room for guests, think about all the things that you would want in a room to make you feel welcome and at home.

You should always ensure there is a clock (of the non-ticking variety!) in the room, some books for bedtime reading, and a mirror. Oh, and a simple bunch of fresh flowers can add the perfect finishing touch!


Whilst we wouldn’t normally suggest installing a television in a bedroom, when it comes to your guest room a television can be a great idea as it allows your guests to take some time out and relax in their own personal space. It also means that, if your guests aren’t good sleepers or they wake earlier than everyone else in your household, they can entertain themselves without feeling as though they are impacting on the rest of the household.

Plenty of storage

The last thing you want is for your guests to feel like they are imposing upon you or getting under your feet, so it’s important that they feel like they have their own little space in your home.

With this in mind, it’s important that your spare room is clutter free when you’re hosting guests. But, with many of us using our spare rooms as extended storage areas, this can be easier said than done! The best solution is to ensure that you have plenty of concealed storage, which will allow you to keep your belongings hidden away. Built-in wardrobes are ideal for this as they look ultra-sleek and stylish!

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