How to embrace minimalism in your home

How to embrace minimalism in your home

With our lives becoming increasingly hectic, it’s perhaps not surprising that there is a growing trend for minimalistic interiors.

After all, research has shown that living with fewer possessions can help you to feel happier and less psychologically weighed down. It’s all about doing away with the clutter and unnecessary items in your home and focussing on the bare essentials.

Minimalism stands for less quantity, more quality. After all, in a busy interior, everything competes for attention meaning you often don’t know where to look first amongst the chaos!
If you want to embrace minimalism in your home but don’t know where to begin, here our top tips…

Clean simple lines

Minimalism is all about clean, simple lines. So that means cutting through all the clutter and decorative items. The aim is to have fewer, carefully selected items of furniture which will really make an impact. Think about how you use your space and which items will add real value to your living environment.
Getting rid of fussy furniture and ornaments will make your space look a lot cleaner, tidier, and more organised in an instant.

Pare back your bedroom

Keeping our bedrooms free from technology such as mobile phones, TVs, tablets, and computers can help us to get a good night’s sleep, whilst created a feeling of minimal tranquillity. In addition to this, having lots of storage solutions to keep your room free of clutter will help you to switch off and sleep better at the end of a busy day.
Built in wardrobes, for example, create a smooth, sleek backdrop and ample space to hide away your belongings. Here at Kenneth Installations, Glasgow, we can install a range of built in wardrobes that will help you achieve a streamlined, minimal look.

Simple colour ways

A simple, unobtrusive colour scheme is key to achieving a minimal look. Monochrome colour ways such as white, black, grey, and anthracite are great options, whilst coloured accents on furniture and wooden floors and a playful, cosy touch that will prevent your space from looking too sterile.

Stick to one era or theme

Having fewer possessions and pieces of furniture doesn’t have to be faceless – far from it. A few, well-chosen pieces can create a space that has plenty of warmth and personality, without making the space feel cluttered.

Let the light in

Minimalism is all about light and space so optimise the amount of natural light in your living space. This can be done by removing heavy curtains and blinds, and considering a more open plan style of living.

Plenty of plants

In addition to lots of light, plants and greenery can also give you minimal space a fresh, energetic boost. Monstera, Chinese money plants, and succulents are perfect, low maintenance options.

Tantalising textures

To prevent your minimalist space from feeling too cold or clinical, try integrating a number of different textures. This can be done through carefully chosen and placed accessories that incorporate materials such as bamboo, wool, cotton, marble, ceramic, and porcelain. You can also incorporate natural elements through small pieces of furniture, such as side tables. This can create a relaxed ambiance and a cosy atmosphere.