How to create extra storage in your favourite spaces

How to create extra storage in your favourite spaces

It’s amazing how quickly the keepsakes and belongings you collect over the years can slowly become clutter in your home, especially if you don’t have effective storage space to store all of your belongings.

The good news is that there are lots of ways that you can integrate effective storage solutions into your home, allowing you to optimise space and minimise clutter, especially in the rooms that you spend the most time in.

After all, we all know how nice it is to have an organised, tidy home, right? To help you to organise and de-clutter your home, we’ve created a helpful guide outlining our favourite storage solutions that are perfect for maximising your available space.

Loft conversion

One of the most effective ways of creating more space in the home is opting to convert your loft. A loft conversion will not only provide you with a brand new space to enjoy in your home, but it can also be a great way to create much needed storage space.

At Kenneth Installations, we specialise in creating fitted furniture for loft conversions. So whether you’re looking to transform your loft into a brand new bedroom or even a luxurious walk in wardrobe, here at Kenneth Installations in Glasgow, we can help you to integrate fitted wardrobe solutions into your home that are in line with your exact needs and expectations.

If you have any questions about any of our services, our friendly team is always on hand to answer any questions that you might have.

Bathroom cabinets

The bathroom is a room that often gets overlooked when it comes to creating storage, but it’s also a room that can become easily cluttered with lotions, potions and other bathroom toiletries. Hanging wall cabinets, under-the-sink cabinets and corner units are all great ways to optimise space in a bathroom and create all-important extra storage.

To add an element of practical luxury to your bathroom space, why not add a heated towel rail? This is a great solution for storing towels, meaning you don’t have to use a cupboard or a towel rack that takes up floor space.

Fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are perfect for optimising space in any room, and can be tailor-made to your own personal needs and tastes. At Kenneth Installations, we can create fitted wardrobes with your choice of rails, shelving, shoe storage and drawers to optimise the room you have and help hide that clutter!

Under the stairs storage

Probably the oldest trick in the book, but installing a storage unit under your stairs is a great way of saving space and storing a wide range of belongings. Just adding a door could help keep any shoes and coats out of sight!

A kitchen island

If you have the available space, a kitchen island can be a stylish and effective way to create more storage and counter space for preparing food in your kitchen. Storage can also be personalised to your bespoke requirments.