Fall in love with dark kitchen cabinets

Fall in love with dark kitchen cabinets

Whilst glossy, light and bright colours have long been the go-to for kitchen cabinets, over recent years, we’ve seen a substantial increase in the popularity of dark kitchens.

A great way to create a cosy, warm feel, dark kitchen cabinets make a bold statement and will totally transform the look and feel of your kitchen. From warm greys, blue hues, and navy tones, through to deep forest greens, and rich almost black shades, there’s are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a dark colour for your kitchen cabinets.

Here are just some of the reasons to fall in love with dark kitchen cabinets…

They make a statement

Dark cabinets are an easy way to make a bold statement in your kitchen. Whether you’re starting from scratch or giving your old cabinets a makeover, opting for dark cabinets will give your space a bold, sophisticated look.

They’re versatile

Dark cabinets can be set against almost any colour to give a sleek and stylish look – they look particularly good alongside lighter, brighter colours. This gives you so many options for your appliances, worktops, and accessories.

They’re chic

One of the newest trends to take the interiors world by storm, dark kitchen cabinets give a chic, stylish, and elegant feel to any kitchen space – adding an element of boutique luxury.

And here are our top tips for getting the most out of your dark kitchen cabinets…

Let them shine

When you opt for bold, dark cabinets, they demand (and deserve!) to be the centre of attention in your kitchen. So, to allow them to shine, make sure that you keep everything else in the room simple, sophisticated, and played down.

Give them plenty of space

Although they can be used in kitchens of all shapes and sizes, dark cabinets look their best in large, open area spaces, as the dark cabinets help to balance and ground the space.

Take a break

If your cabinets are dark, make sure you leave lots of wall space that’s free from cabinets or incorporate some glass fronted cabinets with a light interior, to balance out the darker cabinets and prevent them from becoming overpowering. You should also ensure that the floor contrasts the colour of the cabinets to keep everything fresh and modern.

Don’t be afraid of dark on dark

If you want to create a truly dramatic look, why not pair dark cabinets with dark appliances and walls? This can inject a truly chic and stylish touch into your kitchen space. However, keep in mind that you need to mix and match shades and textures to prevent the room from looking too depressing.

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