Creating the perfect guest bedroom

Creating the perfect guest bedroom

Having a guest bedroom is always great for when family and friends need to stay over.

Offering a private space for them to relax, unwind and sleep in stylish and comfortable surroundings, there are lots of ways that you can create the ultimate guest bedroom, especially when it comes to incorporating stylish interiors, comfortable bedding and home from home comforts.

After all, it’s important that your guests are able to enjoy your home just as much as you!
We’ve created a helpful guide outlining some of the ways that you can create the perfect bedroom space that your guests are sure to love!

Fitted wardrobes for extra storage

Bespoke, fitted wardrobes are a great way to optimise floor to ceiling space in any living environment.

Offering plenty of space, compartments and shelving, they also provide the opportunity to save a section for your guests to use when they stay over.

This will mean they have a dedicated space to store and organise all of their belongings.

Fitted wardrobes are available in a wide range of styles and can be designed to accommodate both contemporary and traditional décor.

Mirrors can also be incorporated into the doors for practicality and are a great way to create the illusion that your guest bedroom is bigger than what it actually is.

Calming, neutral colours

Incorporating neutral colours into your guest bedroom is the perfect way to create a calm and luxurious environment for your guests. Of course, Pops of colour can also be added to inject a new, vibrant and exciting dimension to any space.

A comfortable bed

The bed is always going to be a focus point of a guest bedroom. To give your guests the ultimate comfortable, cosy experience, add different textured cushions and a big throw for warmth. After all, ensuring your guests get a great night’s sleep should be a top priority when they stay with you.


Accessories really bring a room to life and are ideal for adding elements of your personality into your home. When it comes to decorating your guest room you should look at it as an opportunity to play around with different colours, textures and accessories that you maybe wouldn’t use in the rest of your home – think extra plants, pictures, artwork or even furniture. Oh, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new colours and prints!

Home comforts

Home from home comforts will never fail to impress your guests and it’s also the perfect excuse to spoil them!
For example, providing dressing gowns and slippers is the ultimate gesture and is sure to make them feel at home. A tray with a few amenities such as water and toiletries is also a great, personalised touch- they’ll think they’re in a five star hotel!

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