5 Benefits of fitted wardrobes

5 Benefits of fitted wardrobes

Whether you’re moving into a new house, or redesigning a room in your current home, space is always an important factor to consider. What furniture is going to help make the most of the space you have? How are you going to keep everything in one place without your storage bursting at the seams?

If you haven’t considered the benefits of installing a fitted wardrobe in your home, we’d highly recommend you do!

Utilise space

The most obvious benefit of a fitted wardrobe is that they can optimise the space you have in your home. Unlike a free-standing wardrobe, they can be measured to fit perfectly, with no wasted gaps at each side. Utilised space means extra storage, which is always a bonus.

There’s also none of the fear you get with buying a free-standing wardrobe- that it’ll be too big and overpowering for a space, or too small and overshadowed by other furniture. A fitted wardrobe will fit smoothly into the design of your room, creating a stress-free way to store and organise clothes and family belongings.


A fitted wardrobe is designed and tailored to your specific needs. It can be frustrating when you can’t find the perfect free-standing wardrobe with all the compartments, rails or shelving you need. With a fitted wardrobe, you can design the space inline with your requirements, whether that means a shoe rack, added shelves for extra storage, or longer rails for more clothes.

Frustrated that you can never find a wardrobe with the perfect sized mirror? With a fitted wardrobe you can have the mirrors you desire. As well as allowing you to view your full outfit, full length mirrors on each door of your wardrobe will give the illusion that your space is bigger than it really is.

Keep clutter at bay

This is an obvious one. With more storage space, your things can be organised and kept tidy behind closed doors. A tidy home means a tidy mind, creating the perfect space for you to wind down and relax.

Easily cleaned

With a made to measure fitted wardrobe, there’ll be no irksome gaps to collect dust like with a free-standing wardrobe. And there’ll be no more stretching up with a feather duster to clean the top of your wardrobe, or trying to fit the hoover nozzle underneath to reach a stray dust bunny.

Good investment

Not only is a fitted wardrobe an investment for the look and feel of your home, you could also reap some reward from it in the future if you ever chose to sell your home. It’s a great investment for space, helping improve day-to-day life whilst adding value to your home.